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Do the things you love and love the things you do is most simply why Redfield Design was created. I am passionate about story telling through design, decorating, and repurposing. I believe that like each individual, every home is unique and should reflect a persons history, joys, and dreams. 

The true inspiration for Redfield Design was my beloved Grandfather, Meade Redfield Yeatts. His creative abilities led him into design post WWII. For 45 years, he created grand display windows for Woodward & Lothrop in Washington DC, he also enjoyed decorating the White House for Christmas. I believe he planted the seed of design in me and taught me any space can be stylish and elegant, regardless of budget.

Outside of absolute passion for design, I spent 10+ years in design manufacturing. This gave me a strong hold on the mass market and specialty markets through my travel of the the United States and the world. I know what appeals to the masses, but more importantly, I enjoy designing for those who wish to distinguish their homes, bringing them to the next level and appealing to their true selves.
Redfield Design
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